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Yesterday, I attended The Bring Your Own Blogger BBQ presented by Compact Jack, Dallas Penn and JellyNYC which took place at The Morgan in Brooklyn, NY. The show featured free performances from numerous artists along with free food and tequila.

Eric and I arrived at the venue in time to catch Ducky performing in the parking lot adjacent to The Morgan. The stage was much smaller than I was expecting it to be, which was fine for the hip-hop artists who would perform alone, but not for Delicate Steve who had five members standing on it. They somehow made it work. Ducky performed in an Alice in Wonderland costume while one of her dancers had the role of the Mad Hatter and in the middle of her set, a man in a rabbit costume danced in the audience. He then took a break from dancing to play in a dodgeball game. The rabbit was excellent at dodging and taunting the other players but not so great at throwing the ball at his opponents. Ducky ended her set with a cover of Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes’ “Look At Me Now” which she pulled off.

After Ducky, Party Supplies, a Fool’s Gold artist, performed. He opened his set by playing “Frolic” by Luciano Michelini, which also serves as the theme song to the television show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” He immediately launched into a cover of “Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty and played songs that will appear on his mixtape, Firecrackers, which is available to download here.

Following Party Supplies was Delicate Steve. I didn’t know much about them besides their name popping up on blogs here and there. I didn’t make an effort to check them out because I didn’t care for the name of the band. You can check out their music here.

Once Delicate Steve were done, we were returned to the hip-hop portion of the show with performances from Maffew Ragazino, Action Bronson and Danny Brown. There was an artist who rapped before Maffew took the stage but unfortunately, I didn’t catch his name. Maffew Ragazino is an independent, high energy artist from Brownsville, Brooklyn. He made the crowd flip off cops, chant for Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac and cheer loudly. This was the first time I was introduced to him and will definitely download his album from his Bandcamp page.

Between Maffew and Action Bronson, we were subjected to a DJ set which ran a bit too long for my liking. Action Bronson took the stage and he was great. His banter was funny and self-deprecating. He gave a shoutout to Flushing, Queens (where he is from) and mentioned that he was a chef who hasn’t stepped in a kitchen in a year.

The final artist on the lineup was Danny Brown, a rapper from Detroit, MI. He just released a mixtape on Fool’s Gold Records called XXX (the roman numeral, 30, for his age), which is available for free here. Danny played most of the songs in order along with performing older tracks. Most of the audience up front seemed to know songs from XXX word for word already (it was released 5 days prior to the show) which was impressive. Overall, it was a great show and I am thankful for the organizers for putting on such a fun day that was free to everyone.

More photos from the show are available on Flickr.

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